This week many current events have taken place throughout America regarding extremely controversial and distressing topics. Yet, throughout this all, my thoughts continue to turn towards creating the brightest future for those who for whatever reasons cannot enjoy the little things that I am fortunate enough to be able to turn toward everyday, those who don’t have such access to the merciful blessings that have become so apparent in my life. My thoughts have shifted from self absorbency nd ingratitude, to making brightest future for others by bringing out the best in people, in their community and in themselves. Often times we as humans tend to overlook issues concerning poverty and homelessness based on our own privileges. What can we do to embrace the need and strive toward creating the future of radical hope and light? Do Not Wait. I have decided that the most crucial, revolutionary thing we can do is to show up for our own life and it is then that we can see the countless, breath takingly beautiful attributes of others. Only then we can recognize and acknowledge the need for those seeking such refuge in our communities. We obtain light as we love others, show gratitude and serve with a fullness of joy. What do you live for? What should you be living for? Start now.