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"If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way." -Buddha

Light The Spark

This week many current events have taken place throughout America regarding extremely controversial and distressing topics. Yet, throughout this all, my thoughts continue to turn towards creating the brightest future for those who for whatever reasons cannot enjoy the...

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life is tough my darling, but so are you

Lately with this cold weather here in CO. I've been thinking about all the children my age and younger that don't have warm beds; it has been a topic that is constantly coming up in my personal life, and though I myself have a pleasantly cozy bed, I really feel the...

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Hi, I’m Kinsey

Hi! I’m Kinsey, I am a Goodwill Ambassador for Be About Bliss. My mom is Rachel Bliss, the Founder. I helped my mom with the Books For Crawford project last Christmas. I usually go with my mom to drop off donations to the Comitis shelter. I have been working closely with the organization and am looking forward to putting effort into attaining this years goal, and making it a reality. It makes me feel unbelievably blissful and warm to know that we are doing such great things for these children.

I have been balancing Be About Bliss with education, church and family. I love spending time with friends and talking to people! I love social outings/ activities and parties. It is a big part of my personality to find ways to help, love, smile, laugh or just be fun and optimistic in general. I am so excited to be helping with this big project!

I will be in charge of the social media and blogging side, so you will be seeing me make my appearances there. I know that we are doing this for a reason, and hope you can find ways to help BAB this year for Project Bag of Bliss!

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Project Bag of Bliss AKA Holiday Project

Winter Vacation Student Food Pack Contents
(1) Cold cereal, 16 oz box, no chocolate or nuts
(4) Fruit, 4 ounce can – peaches or mixed (No Applesauce)
(4) Ravioli, 7.25 ounces, microwaveable bowl, Chef Boyardee or similar
(2) Macaroni and cheese (Velveeta etc./Creamy premade cheese sauce)
(1) Box Nutri-Grain snack bars, no chocolate or nuts
(1) Cup O’ Noodle
(1) Can Black Olives
(1) Jello mix
(1) 5 lb Pinto Beans
(1) 5 lb Long grain white rice

Budget Breakdown
Moms Best Cold Cereal Sprouts $1.00
Del Monte Kroger $.33 x4 $1.32
7.25 oz Ravioli microwaveable bowl Kroger $.067 x4 $2.68
Mac and Cheese Kroger $.99 x2 $1.98
Box Nutri-grain bars Kroger $2.00 $2.00
Cup O’ Noodle Kroger $.31 $.31
Jello Kroger $.50 $.50
5 1b package pinto bean Kroger $4.99 $4.99
5 lb package Kroger rice Kroger $2.49 $2.49
***Olives have been provided*** _____________________________________
1 bag total = $17.27
1 book total= $2.00
$17.27 x 840 students = $14,506.80
Winter Vacation Books $2.00x 840 students= $1,680.00
PROJECT TOTAL= $16,186.80

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