Lately with this cold weather here in CO. I’ve been thinking about all the children my age and younger that don’t have warm beds; it has been a topic that is constantly coming up in my personal life, and though I myself have a pleasantly cozy bed, I really feel the need to write about this, and hopefully I can get a little direction. Today my mom went on a trip to comitis to drop off some recent clothing donations, while she was there, a mother and her 3 young kids were checking out. Long story short, Steve and my mom took them to a hotel, got them a room to stay in for the night and money to get some food with. When my mom was telling me the story in the car her eyes glistened with tears. She is trying so hard, and I know what she is doing now is going to pay off. She mentioned how the children she helped said thank you about 3x more than any of my siblings or I would. This conflict is really pulling at my heartstrings, that these young, innocent and grateful young children fight to get their next meal, and never really know when that will be. They are freezing to death in the streets yet they still look out for eachother, and have something to be happy or grateful about. Death toll for homeless found on Denver streets nears 700 since 2000. Helen Keller once said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched — they must be felt with the heart.” We as a community need to rally together to accomplish something beautiful together. Donations and/or time is extremely helpful and not one penny or second will be wasted, nor would you regret helping out.